Using WordPress for Your Music Site

December 14, 2011

Blogging software is now so advanced that many people and companies are using it to build their full websites. As music creators and producers, you should be thinking about putting a website together for yourself as a freelancer for or your band. Other blogging services such as Tumblr and Blogger are also good, but at the moment WordPress is out in front. Below is a quick guide to help you set up your own WordPress blog. Read it carefully and get ready to create your portfolio.

1. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress has two types of platform, which can be found at two different sites. WordPress.com lets you blog for free, you get free web hosting, a domain name that ends in “.wordpress.com” and hundreds of free themes for your site. WordPress.org is free downloadable software that you can attach to your own web hosting and domain name. To use wordpress.org you need to purchase hosting and a domain name for yourself but you will have much more control over your site, including thousands of plugins and customisable CSS stylesheets.

For your first blog it is best to choose wordpress.com, learn how to use the features and then graduate to wordpress.org

2. Getting Started

WordPress is everywhere! Click on the image of the moon to visit the Wordpess.com official guide to getting started! This will guide you through signing up, familiarising yourself with the dashboard, focusing on your content, customising and publishing your posts!

3. Find Inspiration

Click the image below to be taken to the wordpress.com homepage, which includes a grid of recently published posts. Use this grid to explore the ways in which other people use wordPress!

Now go create!


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