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SSI Research Log – Second Year Music Students

January 11, 2012

Ok, you have your ideas for your subject of study for SSI. I will sit with you individually and discuss your research proposals with you next week. Now you must move on to your second assignment: Research Log.

You can download your Assignment Brief here

This is perhaps the most important part of your whole SSI project, as it tells me about your project. You must keep a research log that identifies how you have researched your subject. Your research log must be well-organised, thorough and provide critical analysis of the research you undertake. Whilst you must keep a record of all your research, your log must also include THREE ‘featured’ research sources, they must include:

–      ONE BOOK



All your sources must be reputable, from either established media outlets, from the College online research databases or from trusted websites (Government, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph etc.) Wikipedia is not an acceptable research source. Start work on this today, you will get the hand-in date next week.

Good Luck!


Sound and Music Industry Assignment 1

December 7, 2011

Welcome to your first assignment for Unit 39: The Sound and Music Industry.

In the past few weeks we have been working with different techniques to discover the terrain of the sound and music industry in the twenty-first century. Firstly we looked at a physical metaphor for the industry, exploring different floors of the college rotunda to conceptualise the staggered journey most people take when working in the music industry. Then we looked at desk-based research, analysing the make-up and value of each area of the industry, introducing Music Publishing alongside Live Music, Record Companies, Recording Studios and the Music Media.

Recently we have moved on to analysing job roles within each area of the industry, firstly opening our eyes to the multitude of workers from all disciplines who contribute to the successful running of each area of the music industry, and last session we narrowed that exhaustive list down to what you thought were the key roles.

Bringing it all together!

Now it is time to use all that information, research and analysis and put them together in your first assignment, which you can download here. Your task is to produce an animated presentation on four areas of the music industry, as well as the job roles and working contracts associated with each area;  providing clear descriptions, explanations and critical comments throughout. You will use the online software Prezi. Download your assignment brief above and read through it carefully, asking your tutor for guidance on anything you are not clear about. Undernath the task in the blue box on the brief frontsheet are detailed instructions on the requirements for pass, merit and distinction grades.

Good luck!


Music Piracy Assignment

November 2, 2011

Having explored the Music Piracy debate in detail in recent weeks you are now ready to begin work on your assignment. BY CLICKING HERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD YOUR ASSIGNMENT BRIEF. Your assignment is a combination of Primary and Secondary research, as well as your own analysis and conclusions. Make sure you read the brief carefully and follow exactly what is being asked. Good Luck!


Year 2 Music Practice – Outstanding Work from Yr1

October 6, 2011

There are still students who owe work from Year 1. You have been given the details of what you owe. Your deadline for this work is Thursday 20th October 2011.

Download your assignment briefs below:





Assignment 1: Song Functions

Assignment 2: Music Piracy


Assignment 1: Genres Presentation


Assignment 1: Freelance Portfolio and Assignment Companion





SSI Research Proposal

September 22, 2011

Second Year Music Practice Students!

Click on the image above to download the template for your SSI Research Proposal. For the official assignment brief, click HERE


Music and Society Assignment 1 (X Factor vs Detroit motor City)

September 20, 2011

Click on the image above to download your assignment!