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Freelance Business Plan Assignment

March 27, 2012


Ok, we have spent the past couple of months covering all the areas you will need to understand in order to complete this assignment and in order to prepare you for working freelance in the industry when you leave college; financial management, tax, planning, promotion, social media, staffing and personnel etc.

Now you are ready to begin work on your Business Plan assignment. Make sure you read the brief carefully and answer all of the questions included. The criteria you are marked against is listed at the end of each question. DO NOT FORGET, IN YOUR EMAIL TO YOUR TUTOR, YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR OPINION ON WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO SHOW A PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE AS A FREELANCE MUSICIAN.

Download your assignment brief here

This is the first of two assignments that make up your overall Business Plan, once you have completed this, you will be given the second assignment.

Your Deadline for this assignment is Wednesday 2nd May 2012.

Good Luck!