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Digital Music: The Next Decade

October 18, 2011

As we have been discussing in recent weeks, the internet has changed the terrain of the music industry dramatically. The past decade has seen huge developments in digital music and the next decade is likely to see even more.

CLICK HERE to see a great slideshare presentation on what we can expect to see in the next decade of digital music.

In groups of 5, you will each give a presentation on what you feel are the 5 biggest developments to come in digital music over the next decade, analysing what impact you think these developments will have on consumers, artists and the industry as a whole.

I look forward to seeing your presentations!


Music Piracy Debate on New Music Strategies

October 5, 2011

There is currently a very interesting debate going on amongst industry insiders over the nature of filesharing, a debate which calls into question the mainstream views expounded on the subject. Andrew Dubber, a Music Industry Lecturer at Birmingham University, is also owner of New Music Strategies, a website set up to encourage progressive music discussion. Click on the skull and crossbones image above to access a post on his site that has incited perhaps the most interesting debate you will read on the subject of piracy.




More Perspectives on Piracy

November 20, 2009

Check out HERE and HERE for research


Steve Lawson on Music Piracy

November 20, 2009

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Music Piracy, what’s the solution?

November 17, 2009

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The future of Music?

November 16, 2009

231075_spotify_logo_bigHeard about the Cloud? Check it out HERE


Perspectives on Piracy

November 9, 2009

Here are some links to helpful articles for anyone completing the Unit 18: Music and Society assignment:

Happy Research!