Unit 19: Music and Society

Welcome to the Unit 19: Music and Society.

The purpose of the unit is to develop your understanding of the relationship between music and the society we live in. this will help you to appreciate the inspirations behind the music you write or listen to. If you can’t discuss these things you will soon find yourself out of place in the music industry!

There are 2 assignments for this module:

1. Song Function Analysis

Produce a report that describes (P1), explains (M1) and comments critically on the function of a 3 different songs using lyrical and musical examples.

2. Music and the Internet

Students will assume the role of Minister in Charge of Music Piracy for the government. You will need to produce a manifesto outlining how you will tackle the piracy issue. You need to gain as much support as possible to get your new laws passed through the House of Commons.

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