Unit 21: Music in the Community

Welcome to Unit 21: Music in the Community

This unit will develop your skills as a creative practitioner, enabling you to lead workshops and work in the community. The skills you learn will also help you if you want to teach your instrument in a freelance capacity at any point throughout your music career.

This unit is made up of 4 assignments.

1. Case Study: Community Music in Context

For this assignment you will study an existing community music project. You will be expected to analyse the context of the project and critically anlyse the success of it. You will also look at funding streams for community music projects.

2. Planning a workshop

For this assignment you will be required to produce a workshop plan, taking into account your client group and resources. You will list clear aims and objectives and justify your decisions.

3. Delivering a workshop

For this assignment you will deliver a workshop of activity which is innovative and inclusive.

4. Evaluating a workshop

For this assignment you will produce a report which evaluates the success of your workshop against your set aims and objectives.

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