Unit 31: Pop Music in Practice

Welcome to Unit 30: Pop Music in Practice.

This unit will develop your knowledge of how modern popular music has developed. it is essential that you are equipped with this knowledge going into the music industry. it will rid you of any prejudices you have against certain genres of music and show you how ALL music genres are related to each other in some way. Knowing how music has developed will enable you o understand how it will develop further in the future.

This unit is madfe up of 2 assignments.

1. Mastermind!

For this unit you will be required to select ONE genre of music as your ‘specialist genre’. You will be required to answer a selection of questions on your chosen genre which cover, general knowledge, development and relationship to society.

2. Genres Presentation

For this assignment you will be required to produce a PowerPoint presentation on a further 3 genres of modern popular music, covering general knowledge, development and relationship to society. You are advised to use the questions given for your Mastermind assessment to structure your study of each genre around.

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