Units 38 & 39: The Music Freelance World & The Sound and Music Industry

These units work together in order to prepare you for life as a working musician. Unit 39: The Sound and Music Industry will enable you to get under the skin of the music industry and see how it works. Unit 38: The Music Freelance World will give you the freelance skills that will help you to take advantage of this new knowledge and find opportunities in the industry.

These units are covered by one major project, in all there are 7 assignments for this project:

1: Industry Project

Each learner must produce a ‘Project Book’ outlining the function of each of the following areas of the music industry:

– Live Team

– Record Companies

– Recording Studios

– The Media

Your project book should describe (P1), explain (M1) and comment critically (D1) on the FUNCTION of each area and how it contributes to the industry overall. Include information on the different job roles within each area. For a pass you should be describing what each area contributes to the industry, for a merit you should be explaining in detail the working practices within that area and for a distinction you should commenting critically. For example, you might think about what would happen to the music industry without that specific area.

2: CVs

Each learner must produce 3 different CVs in application for job roles they have found interesting during the industry project.

For a pass you will produce your CVs competently with a degree of independence. For a merit you will produce your CVs competently with total independence. For a distinction you will create and maintain your CVs competently with total independence and show a comprehensive understanding of the process.

3: Interviews

Each learner will be interviewed for one or more of their chosen jobs. The interviews will be filmed. Learners will be expected to dress appropriately, show professionalism and be prepared. Your responses in the interview should reflect your ability to describe, explain and comment critically on the importance of a professional approach to being freelance.

4: Job Roles

After allocating job roles, each learner must produce a video blog/audio file/written biography outlining their job role:

–        What are your role and responsibilities?

–        What equipment do you work with?

–        What skills are most needed in your job?

–        How would the industry suffer without your job role?

–        Name 3 other job roles you work closely with and describe how.

–        What are your working hours and what types of contract might you work under?

5: SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

This will test your understanding of how well suited to your role you are and how you will need to develop in order to improve. You will be expected to identify opportunities for self-development.

For a pass you will be expected to complete your SWOT and describe opportunities for you to develop such as training, equipment, marketing, experience etc. For a merit you should discuss HOW you would go about taking advantage of these opportunities. For a distinction you should comment critically and discuss the accessibility of these opportunities; are they only available to people with a certain amount of money, experience etc?

6: Budget Management

You have a budget of £1000 to spend on equipment that will help you in your job.

You must visit music shops during a college visit to Liverpool and decide on the best way to spend your money. You must evaluate your purchases and show that you can describe, explain and comment critically on the way in which your purchases show an understanding of the financial and self management issues of self-employment.

For a pass you will be required to describe why your purchases will help you in your role. For a merit you should explain about VAT and identify how much tax you will be able to claim back on purchases made for your business. For a distinction you should compare your purchase to a similar product/service and explain why your choice is the best one for you.

7: Online Marketing Portfolio

You will be required to display your knowledge of entrepreneurial approaches to being freelance by producing your online marketing portfolio. Working in the music industry is not just about doing the job, it’s just as important to promote yourself.

You will produce the following online accounts for yourself AS A FREELANCER, separate from your personal accounts:

–        Facebook

–        MySpace

–        Twitter

–        Blog/Website

For a pass you should describe what each of them offers as a marketing tool. For a merit you should explain the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. For a distinction you should compare and contrast them all, explaining which is more suited to you and why.

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